Lenten Recipes

During Great Lent, sometimes one of the most basic tasks that we as parents have, the feeding of our family, is difficult and can even be discouraging. During this season of the year, let us be diligent and help each other to meet this task with joy instead of anxiety. This week’s note will provide the reader with a variety of resources to assist you with this challenging task.

Reasons for fasting and fasting-related links can be found at http://orthodoxinfo.com/praxis/pr_fasting.aspx.

Here are a few links that can help you find recipes you may not have tried, as of yet:

specifically Orthodox:







What other sites/recipes have you found helpful? Kindly share them in the comments! This sharing of recipes can be one way that we can all better support each other through the course of this fasting season.

As we are cooking for our family members, let us pray for them. Let us pray that they will become more like Christ through this fasting period. Let us do what we can to nourish them both physically and spiritually. And, while we’re at it, let us also pray for and financially/materially support people in other families who are less fortunate than we are, who are in need of any help we can offer.

May the Lord in His infinite kindness have mercy on us all and save us.


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