Pascha: the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It will soon be Pascha! What a glorious time of the year, when we are granted the opportunity to celebrate our Lord’s triumph over death and His glorious resurrection! Let us finish the walk through Holy Week together as a family, with strength, as we look toward the Feast of Feasts!

Here are a few ideas to enhance your celebration:

Together as a family, watch a short animated retelling of the events of this weekend at, or a longer version at Discuss what the video contained. Listen for the events shown in the video, during upcoming services. After the services, talk about what was heard: what is in the Gospel that the video missed? Did anything strike your family in a special way?

Pull together learning boxes as suggested at, a hands-on way for younger children or tactile learners to interact with each night’s service during Holy Week.

Tell (and let your children retell) the story of Pascha, using symbolic items each placed in a plastic egg. See for ideas.

Work together to prepare the treats for your Pascha basket. Suggestions of what to include can be found at

Practice singing the paschal troparia in the languages in which it is sung at our church, (here are a few: discussing the meaning of the words with your children. Then we will all be familiar with the words and the tune, and can sing along!

Also practice saying “Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!” in a variety of languages. See for a few. Orthodox Christians all over the world are celebrating Christ’s resurrection with us!!! (See pictures of Holy Week around the world at

Best of all, let us come and see, together as a family! Let us attend as many services as possible, and participate with all of our heart! Christ is risen! Indeed He is risen!


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