Appreciating the Teachers Who Are Helping Us Shape Our Children’s Lives

Early May brings the opportunity to express thanks to the other significant adults in our children’s lives: their teachers! Whether our children are public, private, or home schooled, there are other adults making an important contribution to our children’s learning and helping us help the children grow up to be wiser and better people. The first full week of May marks “National Teacher Appreciation Week.” Let us take advantage of this opportunity to recognize the effort that others (ie: school teachers, home school co-op teachers, Sunday Church School teachers, neighbors who have taken an interest in our children, godparents, etc.) are making which helps our children to grow. Once we’ve noticed it, let us thank them for that effort!

Here are a few ideas of things that we could do, once we have identified who we wish to thank:

Write a letter or email thanking the teacher for their investment in our child’s life.

Have the child write a letter or draw a picture, thanking the teacher.

Together with our child, bake something special to share with the teacher.

Make a simple craft for the teacher.

Work with other parents to plan a special event for the teacher(s): provide breakfast/lunch/snack or plan a fun “evening out” to invite them to attend.

Collaborate with other families who also benefit from the teacher’s care: put together a themed gift basket, for example, or a book featuring photos of each child in the class along with a note from that child.

Purchase a small gift (or store gift card, restaurant card, gas card, teacher store card, etc.) that the teacher will enjoy, and send it to the teacher via the child.

Select a book to donate to the class library (or school library) in honor of the teacher.

Obtain permission from the higher-ups to throw the teacher a surprise “Thank you!” party, plan related snacks and activities, and have fun making it happen with the kids in the class/group.

There are also many other ideas. We can do something very simple or elaborate, depending on our time and/or ability to do so. Regardless, the important part is that we take time to notice who is putting effort into helping our children learn and become better people; and that we find a way to thank them. They are doing so much for our children: the least we can do is express our appreciation.

And last but certainly not least, let us be sure to remember them in our prayers!


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