Recipes for Summertime Fasting With Kids

We are in the midst of the Dormition Fast, preparing our hearts and minds to celebrate the dormition of the Theotokos on August 15. Granted, fasting is about so much more than just abstaining from certain foods. However, part of fasting IS about abstaining from certain foods, and sometimes it is a struggle to think of what to serve to our children that they will eat, which will also help us all to keep the fast.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the Dormition fast falls right in the middle of summer. With all the fresh produce available, it seems that the Dormition fast should be an easy one for us to keep. Yet, sometimes it is still a struggle to think of ideas of what to serve. This blog post will offer kid-friendly ideas for summertime fasting.
Here are some kid-friendly summertime fasting ideas:

Summertime is not an easy time for a fast. “It’s… very hard to fast when our culture is not geared toward it. Summer is a time for cookouts and beach parties, not spiritual discipline…The summer, however, does provide us with many fast-friendly foods like fresh garden vegetables, fruits, and salads.  ” (1) It is our hope that this blog will help us all find some new yummy recipes to add to our arsenal!

Any resources that you have to share would be welcomed, as well! Please comment below and share your ideas with the rest of the community. May God bless your fast, and may we all grow closer to Our Lord through this season!


  1. Read more in the article “Summer Fare” at

Here are additional resources to check out as you help your family keep the Dormition Fast:


Mmm! The “Grilled Corn Salad” recipe here looks colorful and yummy!


Find 9 ways to serve in-season fava beans here:


Avocados are easy to find in summertime! Here are some tasty ways to serve them, including a breakfast pudding recipe and a recipe for chilled curried coconut avocado soup:


Incorporate protein into your children’s pasta with this “Peanut Butter Noodles” recipe:


The “Cilantro Lime Rice Salad” recipe at the top of this list looks like a refreshing and delicious meal:


Check out the “Lucky Green Dip” (or the “Summer Reboot Salad” or the “Summer Slaws”) recipe here:


Who would guess that this “Chocolate Cookie Dough Dip” for fruit is full of protein?


This tasty dessert doubles as a fun family craft:


Okay, so maybe summertime is not the best time to bake, but who can resist the name of this yummy-looking vegan recipe?


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