Verse-of-the-Week Box Tutorial

One way to learn scripture is to have it constantly in sight! Here is a tutorial to make a “Verse-of-the-Week” box to keep at a place where you will see it frequently. (The kitchen sink, bathroom mirror, or on a bedside table would be three possible places that could work well for this!) Each week, a different verse can be displayed in the metal curlicue “verse holder.” Each time you see the verse, read it aloud and then repeat it to yourself a few times. By the end of the week, you can have the whole verse memorized!


To make your own “Verse-of-the-Week” box:

Purchase a square hinge-lidded wooden box (mine was $1 at our local craft store, and came with an embedded magnet closure!) and some jewelry wire (14 gauge or thicker).


You will also need craft paint, a paintbrush, an oil paint marker (or paint in another color and a thin brush), a needle-nose pliers, newspaper, a drill with a bit about the width of your wire, and spray varnish (if desired).


Cover your work surface and paint the wooden box. I painted mine inside and out, allowing one side to dry at a time.


Once the paint is completely dry, write “Verse of the Week” on the lid of the box. Be careful to have the hinges on the left of the lid when you write. Then, when the box stands upright, the hinges will be on the left when you open the box to pull out a new verse. 


If desired, spray the entire box with varnish.


Use the cutting edge in your needle nose pliers to cut a 7”- 8” length of the jewelry wire. Then, holding one end of the wire in the needle nose, carefully twist the end of the wire into a tight spiral, curling it around itself about 3 times, and leaving about 2” on the straight end. Flatten the spiral curlicue inside itself until it is nearly flat. This curlicue will be your verse holder.


Turn the box on its side, lid side towards you (upright, lid shut, so you can see “Verse of the Week” facing you). This is how your box will stand when it is in use. Mark the center of the now-top of the box. Drill straight down into that mark as far as you can (try not to go through to the inside of the box). Insert the straight end of the metal curlicue into the drilled hole. If for some reason it fits loosely, add a dab of strong glue (such as Super Glue or E6000) before inserting the curlicue. Allow it to dry and paint the box paint color on top of the glue if needed. Be sure that the curlicue curls parallel to the front (lid) of the box.  


Select 52 verses that you wish to focus on for the year. Write them out on cards or type them and print them out on cardstock, several verses per page. Trim the printed verses down to cards that will fit inside your box. Store the verses inside the box.

12636904_10207445361003977_1614622009_o.jpgSelect one verse each week to stand in the curlicue. You may need to adjust the curlicue spiral to more open or more closed so that it will hold the card. Read, re-read, and memorize!


Find one set of printable verses, all 52 of them from the Gospel of Matthew (shown in the photos) here: 

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