Pascha Celebration Resources for Families

Pascha is the Feast of Feasts! It is a time of the year like no other. That is as it should be, for it is when we celebrate the most important thing that there is to be celebrated: the resurrection of our Lord, and His trampling down death itself by His own death! Let us celebrate accordingly, in ways that help to communicate to our children how important this festal celebration is!

We have gathered a few links in case you are looking for additional ways to set this feast apart for your family. We hope that these ideas enhance what you already have planned to do to celebrate. May we be granted to see His glorious Resurrection once again, and may we help our children to celebrate well alongside us. May the Light of Christ indeed illumine us all!

Blessed Pascha! Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is risen!

Here are resources that can help your family prepare for Pascha:

Find ideas of ways to prepare your family’s hearts for Pascha here:

If you have younger children, consider printing these figures on cardstock, cutting them out, laminating them, and using clay or playdough to help them stand. You can use them to tell the story of Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. And then the children can use them for retelling play! Read more here:

Find an article titled “The Meaning of Pascha” here:

Download this centerpiece featuring the icon of the resurrection: Print one for your family’s prayer corner, or the dining room table. Or print one for each child to color and assemble, and keep in their bedroom throughout the course of the Paschal season.

Find a family lesson on Pascha here:

Practice answering the resurrection greeting in a variety of languages. Find a lot of them here:

Read this blog post full of ideas of ways to continue to celebrate Pascha for the entire Paschal season:

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