On the Transition Back to School

In North America, it is the time of the year when children head back to school. For some, that means stepping back to the homeschooling routine, while for others, it means going back to the classroom. Either way, it is a change from the break of summer and offers us an opportunity to build healthy family habits for the year ahead.

Take a moment to think about this transition and to consider what changes from last year’s “school norm” would improve your family’s educational experience and life. Then begin to take steps in that direction. In the process, be patient with yourself and with your family. To quote my husband, “Change, even good change, is stressful.” Expecting to encounter some stress and extending grace to ourselves and our children during this season of changes in the family schedule will help us to successfully guide our children through the new-school-year-transition in a more godly way.

We have gathered a few links to blogs and articles that we hope you will find helpful. Each is different from the others, but focuses in some way on the transition back to school. As we make this transition, let us first and foremost pray for our children, for ourselves, for the children’s teachers, and for other students/teachers/parents in our parish, that this year will be blessed! May God grow us all towards Him throughout the course of this school year. And may we make the transition, aware of His presence in our life.

This blog post can help us to prepare both ourselves and our children for school: https://orthodoxchristianparenting.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/preparing-for-school/


Our children’s teachers, co-op leaders, skills instructors, coaches, and Sunday Church School teachers will need our support this year! This blog post offers ideas of way that we can support the other adults influencing our children’s life: https://orthodoxchristianparenting.wordpress.com/2014/09/17/on-supporting-our-childrens-teachers/


Here is an excellent prayer for us to pray daily for our children: https://orthodoxchristianparenting.wordpress.com/2014/01/08/prayerful-sighing/


Students returning to college are making a huge transition! Whether or not we have a college student in our family, there are ways we can help our fellow Orthodox Christians who are college students to successfully make the transition! Read this article for ideas: http://www.ocf.net/from-high-school-to-college-the-first-forty-days/

Is one of these Orthodox Christian schools near where you live? Whether or not you choose to send your children there, consider helping the students at the school grow in their faith by offering to volunteer in the school! Check this list for ideas of where there are Orthodox Christian schools: http://www.orthodoxschools.org/schooldirectory.html

Homeschooling families may want to check out this online Orthodox Christian school option that weaves the Faith into learning, using the Charlotte Mason style: http://www.raphaelschool.org/


The school year and its stresses (and, many times, the proximity to others that it affords) gives both our children AND us many opportunities to take the high road. Read (or re-read) this blog post on doing just that: https://orthodoxchristianparenting.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/on-taking-the-high-road/



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